Columbia University Jazz House

Expanding the Role of Jazz in Columbia's Community.


We are glad you have decided to visit the website of Columbia University's Jazz House!  Founded in 2014, the Jazz House is part of Columbia's Special Interest Community (SIC) housing system.

Feel free to explore this website, as well as our Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

Our Mission:

Our mission is three-fold, aiming to evolve the intra-musical community, the Columbia Community more broadly, and that of our city.  

What's New:

Jazz House is featured in the New York Times!

Last semester, it was our honor to have Corey Kilgannon and Kirsten Luce from the New York Times come over to hang with us and discuss the Jazz House. Click on the link below to read the article!

Recent Activity:

Wrapping up a fantastic year!

The end of the 2015-16 academic year marks the end of the inaugural class of the Columbia University Jazz House. Our two years in this Special Interest Community formed strong friendships, expanded our musical horizons, and demonstrated what is possible when we come together. The true gift of the Jazz House is that we not only enjoyed that amongst ourselves, but with the greater Columbia community. We accomplished our goal to use the music to foster community at Columbia and to support the music with such a community. Because of this the Jazz House lives on, with nine new residents and a large base of enthusiastic musicians and fans. As an SIC, a student organization, and a movement, the sky is the limit for Jazz House.